Evening Programs

Carl-Rohrs3 Sunday, July 26: Carl Rohrs

Georgia Deaver: Each Letter Is A Person

Georgia Deaver, of course, was a stunningly original, influential and fluid calligrapher who specialized in commercial lettering and illustration as her profession, for which she was known world-wide, and brought the same impossibly delicate touch and sensitive sense of line to her own artwork. A native of San Jose, she spent nearly her entire career working in San Francisco (except for a brief interlude in Austria), and she gave the entire Bay Area reason to be proud that she had picked this as her home base. This career-long retrospective was compiled by her one-time teaching partner, who had access to many unpublished works in preparation for their classes together, and that collection of images has recently been augmented by shots from the enormously generous donation of her work to the San Francisco Public Library’s Harrison Collection — more than 800 pieces of roughs, sketches, and artwork —from Georgia’s family, plus shots of unique day-to-day work and play from her former roommate. The slideshow will feature work from these sources and more, and, frankly, it’ll knock you out. If you didn’t know that she was (and, in our mind, always will be) one the world’s leading lettering artists, this will persuade you of that.

Monday, July 27: Dale Dougherty
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Wednesday, July 29: The panel: Annie Cicale, Monica Dengo, Mike Gold, Jovica Veljovic
Chaired by Ewan Clayton

Writing the future: a panel discussion (with pictures!)

We live in extraordinary times, many aspects of the written word are being questioned — cursive writing is no longer taught in parts of the USA and Europe, more and more writing is being done electronically. How is this impacting on calligraphy, its future, its training, its job opportunities. For the last few months our panel of experts have been discussing these questions. Tonight they share their views with us and open up to our questions.

Loredana-Zega5 Thursday, July 30: Loredana Zega

Calligraphy Performance: A Day in the Life of a Calligrapher

The performance is a story about you — the calligrapher! The main character is a passionate pen artist who dreams of letters, sleeps a lot, gets weird commissions from complicated clients and enjoys each moment of holding a big brush! Through music she tells the stories of her day, expresses calligraphy through dance, and includes the audience in her unique, live stage calligraphy. With some comic elements and enormous passion for letters she inspires colleagues and students to dare more, to try more and to live for letters!