Sauvignon Village Residential Complex



 Gardens Surrounding Sauvignon Village


Single and Double Rooms


Kitchen in Each Suite


A Comfortable Living Space in Each Suite

Comfortable and Convenient Campus Residences

Spend the week on the beautiful (and nearly flat) Sonoma State University campus, in the heart of northern California’s famed wine country.

Participants and faculty will be housed in the comfortable and convenient Sauvignon Village residential complex. A Sauvignon Village apartment is a 4 bedroom, 4 bath unit with two single occupancy bedrooms and two double occupancy bedrooms. The single bedrooms are attached to a private bath and each double occupancy bedroom has it’s own bathroom. Six residents share a living room, dining area, kitchen, and patio or balcony.

Everyone will have an extra-long twin size bed, mattress pad, desk, desk chair, clothes closet, and nightstand. Most mattresses are 80 inches long by 38 inches wide by 6 inches high. Bedrooms have an overhead fluorescent light, but not study lamps. You may wish to bring a lamp. All of the windows are covered by mini-blinds. Linens will be provided and can be exchanged for a fresh set mid-week.

No smoking is allowed in any campus building. Each building is two stories. Medical conditions will be given priority in making housing assignments.

Sauvignon Village is the closest dorm to the new Student Center, which houses the dining hall, the Passionate Pen office, John Neal Bookseller, Paper & Ink Arts, and the Scribe Store. In addition, most of the evening programs and socials will be held in the ballroom, adjacent to the three stores. The campus store is also in this building, where you can buy sundries, such as aspirin, toothpaste, shampoo, snacks, etc.

Classes will be held in several building throughout the campus. All are within a ten minute walk of the Sauvignon Village residential complex . We will have several golf carts running for participants with mobility issues. In addition, participants may choose to rent their own scooter for the week (see the Housing Registration page).

If you are meeting up with family and friends during or after the conference, and they would like to stay nearby, there are several hotels and motels from which to choose. A list will be posted here soon. Across the street from campus is a small shopping center with several nice restaurants, Starbucks, and Wells Fargo Bank. The town centers for Cotati and Rohnert Park are both a short drive where you can find a drugstore, dry cleaners, Target and other convenience stores.