Faculty & Classes

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A01 — Byzantine Lettering | Georgia Angelopoulos
A03 — Biting of Bows | Gemma Black
A04 — Calligraphic Geometry | Alan Blackman
A05 — Line and Petal | Pat Blair
A08 — Monograms | Liesbet Boudens
A09 — Parallel Universes | Brenda Broadbent
A11 — Introducing Celtic Art | Denis Brown
A12 — Uncial Then & Now | Patricia Buttice
A14 — The Lettering of Hans-Joachim Burgert | Ewan Clayton
A15 — Monoline & Flowers | Babara Close
A17 — The Joy of Writing in Color | Nancy Culmone
A18 — Early Roman Rustic | Judy Detrick
A19 — Mexican Amate Paper & Lettering | Jane Dill
A21 — Italic: Theme & Variations | Kristen Doty
A24 — Very Free Versals | Connie Furgason
A25 — Hand Drawn | Mike Gold
A26 — Letters in 3D! | Julie Grey
A35 — Textural Lettering | Suzanne Moore
A38 — Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes | Carol Pallesen
A39 — A Sharp Pencil and a Keen Eye | Amity Parks
A40 — Calligraphy as Meditation | Izzy Pludwinski
A41 — Gone with the Flat Brush | Massimo Polello
A43 — Contemporary Rustics | Carl Rohrs
A44 — The Empty Space, Womb of Shape | Marina Soria
A47 — Calligraphic Collage Journal | Jacqueline Sullivan
A49 — Refinements and Subtleties within Letterforms | Peter Thornton
A50 — Rhythm, Harmony and Contrast in Calligraphy | Jovica Veljović
A51 — Jekyll or Hyde: The Split Personality of the Ruling Pen | Julian Waters
A54 — World of Experimental Embossing| Loredana Zega
A55 — Calligraphy On The Go | Sharon Zeugin
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B01 — Things Greek and Gilded | Georgia Angelopoulos
B02 — Travels with My Versals | Gemma Black
B04 — Pointed Pen—From Day to Eve | Pat Blair
B05 — Design & Interpretation for Extraordinary Letters | Liesbet Boudens
B06 — Dangerous Lines: Calligraphy with Attitude | Denis Brown
B07 — Italic *B*L*A*S*T* | Patricia Buttice
B08 — Roman Caps: Pattern and Texture | Annie Cicale
B09 — The Spirit of Invention | Ewan Clayton
B10 — Power Pages | Babara Close
B12 — Chroma Maxima | Nancy Culmone
B13 — Unique and Imperfect | Monica Dengo
B14 — Gilding ABCs | Judy Detrick
B15 — Mixed Media, Texture & Abstract Lettering | Jane Dill
B18 — Over and Over | Mike Gold
B20 – Letters from the Sun | Louise Grunewald
B28 — Batik Papers for Books & Cards | Carol Pallesen
B30 — Order and Chaos | Massimo Polello
B32 — Calligraphy in Blossom | Marina Soria
B33 — Metallic Marks, Textures, and Layers! | Jacqueline Sullivan
B34 — Ruling Pen Meets Small and Delicate Capitals | Peter Thornton
B35 — Calligraphic Forms for Type Design | Jovica Veljović
B36 — The Mystery and Magic of Hybrids | Julian Waters
B39 — BiG Scale – BiG Heart Calligraphy | Loredana Zega
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Basic Calligraphy Supplies

Throughout the class descriptions, some instructors have made reference to a list of basic calligraphic supplies. Please bring the following items, in addition to the other materials listed on the class page:

  • Black ink (such as Higgins Eternal)
  • Broad-edged nibs in a variety of sizes (such as Brause or Mitchell)
  • One or two pen holders
  • Pencil
  • Soft eraser
  • 18″ or 24″ metal ruler
  • T-square
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • Small cutting mat
  • Small water jar
  • Rags or paper towels
  • Notebook
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Class Level Descriptions

ALL LEVELS: no prerequisite
BEGINNER: little or no experience with media
BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE: knowledge of an alphabet and how to use a broad-edge lettering tool
INTERMEDIATE: competence in a lettering style and knowledge of various lettering tools
INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED: knowledge and skills of several lettering styles and lettering tools and writing confidently
ADVANCED: experienced lettering skills and proficiency in several lettering styles