Ewan Clayton
Brighton, England

A14 — The Lettering of Hans-Joachim Burgert
One-Day Class, Sunday, July 26


Hans-Joachim Burgert (1928 – 2009), a calligrapher and artist who lived in the city of Berlin through turbulent times, is one of the most important calligraphic influences of the late twentieth century. He has been important in the development of calligraphers such as Thomas Ingmire and Brody Neuenschwander. So who was Burgert and how might his ideas affect our work? In this workshop I will introduce several experiments that he himself used to teach the principles of calligraphy and encourage participants to experiment with new ways of working with their own letterforms.

Supply List

  • Layout bond paper (not smaller than 11″ x 17″)
  • Pencil
  • Black ink (not waterproof)
  • Dip pens (Rexel, Brause, or Speedball square-cut nibs, Mitchell/manuscript/Rexel: small nib sizes)
  • A monoline pen
  • Eraser
Ewan Clayton enjoys working with his fellow calligraphers whatever their level of experience from beginners to experts. He grew up near Ditchling, Sussex, home to the calligrapher Edward Johnston. An early friendship with Irene Wellington encouraged him to join the course at the Roehampton Institute run by Ann Camp for whom he then worked as a teaching assistant. Today Ewan is part-time Professor in Design at the University of Sunderland. He also makes commissions, curates exhibitions, and writes about calligraphy. In 2014 Counterpoint Press published his book The Golden Thread: The Story of Writing.

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