Jacqueline Sullivan
Cincinnati, OH

A47 — Calligraphic Collage Journal
One-Day Class, Sunday, July 26
All Levels
Book Arts, Design, Lettering, Painting

In this class students will create pages for their journals by making beautiful calligraphic marks over a patterned gesso resist. Students will then make marks, write, paint, and decorate smaller sheets of paper to use as collage elements.

The large decorated sheet of paper will be cut down to make the base for the book pages and sewn together with a simple pamphlet stitch. The pages of the journal will then be finished with small creativity collages.

Each student will receive a set of instructive handouts for the various techniques that are covered in this class.

Supply List

  • Paint brush: 1″ that is good for acrylics (I recommend the Golden Taklon brushes)
  • Water container 16 to 32 oz size; plastic
  • Metal ruler
  • Cutting mat that is at least 16” one way
  • X-acto knife with extra sharp blades
  • 1 sheet 22″ x 30″ cold press 140 lb watercolor paper (must be full sheet, do not cut)
  • 8 oz white gesso
  • Sumi ink
  • Walnut ink
  • Hair dryer, if available
  • Small piece (approximately 11″ x 14″) of Arches cover black or Strathmore Artagrain black paper
  • Faber Castell extra fine point Pitt pen

Supply fee: $10 for:

  • Fluid acrylics
  • Deli paper and collage elements
  • Various acrylic mediums
  • Simple book-stitching materials
  • Closure elements
jacqueline_sullivanJacqueline Sullivan couldn’t decide the artist she wanted to be when she grew up so she became the artist who creates mixed media abstracts with calligraphy and mark-making and occasionally some formal lettering. And, oh, she makes books, fiber arts, and is exploring and working in metal and glass as well. There is not a surface she has met upon which she has not wanted to throw paint! Her kitchen appliances live in her studio and while she knows the difference between grounds and mediums she chooses to ignore the rules or make up new ones.

And because she loves showing people all of the cool things she has experienced, she started teaching about 30 years ago. And now, Jacqueline is even more qualified because she just became a Golden Certified Artist Educator. People from art centers, guilds, colleges, and trade shows all over the country have hired her to come and show them her methods and her “new rules.” Jacqueline is an experimenter, a lover of paper and color and texture. She is an artist, a maker, and a teacher and life is good!

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