Kristen Doty
Chehalis, WA

A21 — Italic: Theme & Variations
One-Day Class, Sunday, July 26
Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced

In this one-day class we will review basic italic and then focus on changes and using different tools that will become variations, while still being based on italic forms. We will practice making the forms regular and fluid, furthering variation by identifying and incorporating your own unique style. There will be some individual instruction. Students should have a solid knowledge of the basic italic hand.

Supply List

  • Slant board
  • T-square
  • Pencil (HB and/or mechanical pencil; .5mm HB)
  • Eraser (soft white Pentel Click eraser is excellent)
  • Ruler (C-Thru clear ruler with red lines is wonderful! 2″ wide by 12″, or longer)
  • Speedball nibs: C2, and C3
  • Mitchell nibs: 2½, 3, 4 or Brause equivalent
  • Nib holder(s)
  • Brause #361 (pointed nib; looks like blue pumpkin, but it’s not)
  • Elbow holder for pointed nib
  • Black Higgins Eternal ink or Pelikan 4001 or walnut ink
  • Your favorite paper for practice: layout bond, copier or other non-bleeding paper. Test for bleeding with your ink before class
  • Pen wipe rag or paper towels
  • Small water container (ie: yogurt container)
  • Apron

Optional: Please only bring these if you have them:

  • Helix lettering guide
  • Adjustable triangle
  • Favorite and/or unusual nibs/pens you have: folded nibs, ruling writer, Coit, etc.
  • Your favorite good quality paper: white or colored (hot press watercolor, Canson Mi-Teintes, etc.)
  • Gouache
  • Small 6-well rectangular palette
  • Mixing/loading brush

Supply fee: $3 covers handouts, good quality paper, and misc. items

If you have any questions regarding materials, etc. please do not hesitate to contact Kristen via email:

kristen_dotyKristen Doty has a passion for calligraphy, drawing and painting. Her original works have been in juried exhibitions and her paintings, illustrations and lettering have been published in magazines and books, and as prints, posters, greeting cards, logos, and book titles. She enjoys sharing her passion by teaching workshops across the US and abroad, including Belgium, Canada, and Japan. Her teaching emphasis is to promote learning in a fun, encouraging, and relaxed atmosphere while also building a solid knowledge of techniques and developing skills students can utilize and integrate in their own work.

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