Loredana Zega
Ajdovscina, Slovenia

A54 — World of Experimental Embossing
One-Day Class, Sunday, July 26
Design, Lettering, Paper Arts


In this beautiful one-day workshop we will explore the possibilities of embossing. Fun experience with lots of new ideas and scripts that are going to be used in different ways, layers and materials.

Supply List

  • Basic calligraphy supplies plus
  • Gouache: one color (black) is enough
  • Calligraphy pens that you would like to work with in larger sizes. For example: Automatics, 2 pencils put together, balsa wood
  • Needles for embossing (one or two)
  • Some cardboard paper (at least 170 lb – 200 lb) for cutting models
  • Some artistic paper: Fabriano Rosaspina or other handmade, thicker papers are great. Black paper is also good. Soft papers are the best.
  • It is advisable that you have already prepared papers for finished pieces: paper covered with metal leaves, one with watercolor, one with some of your experimental calligraphy, maybe one or two blank papers.
  • Ordinary photocopy paper: 20 pieces
  • Some paper for practicing and sketches
  • 3B pencil
  • Masking tape
  • PVA glue
  • Mixing brushes
  • Palette
loredana_zegaLoredana Zega is a devoted freelance calligrapher and an artist with a rich creative energy and a strong passion for work. As most children, she was fascinated by colors. When she was only nine she totally fell in love with letters and dance at the same time. When she was 15 her calligraphic torch was chosen from 400 entries and it was given to Pope John Paul II. After finishing high school in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, Loredana started to write exercise books for teaching calligraphy and opened her own calligraphy company at the age of 21. Through teaching she gained a lot of practical knowledge, but that wasn’t enough for her. She attended the master classes given by The Calligraphy Lettering Art Society (CLAS) in London and gained the National Diploma in Calligraphy in 2007.

For the last 10 years Loredana been working for many private clients and institutions such as the National Gallery and National Museum of Slovenia, creating and writing in medieval scripts, and demonstrating calligraphy throughout Slovenia. In 2010 she received a certificate for the most innovative 3D piece in The Art and the Letter exhibition in the British Library. She recently received a stipend from the Slovenian Ministry of Culture.

The last few years Loredana has been exploring new writing bases and tools, combining writing with music and dance. She attended some contemporary art, dance, and calligraphy master classes at home and abroad (Belgium, Ireland, United Kingdom) which opened her mind and gave her a lot of new ideas for her work. She finally found a way to combine performance art with letters. With a professional colleague, Aleš Bajec, a videographer, they created a performance “Dance the Letters” which was repeated many times in the past three years. For one video, which is a part of the performance, they were awarded the first prize by Art University Nova Gorica in Slovenia. Presently, Loredana is occupied mostly with lighting projects in interior design and is passionate about wall inscriptions and writing on wood and glass.

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