Patricia Buttice
Hempstead, NY

A12 — Uncial Then & Now
One-Day Class, Sunday, July 26
All Levels

Calligraphy - Patricia Buttice 008
Calligraphy - Patricia Buttice 006

Calligraphy - Patricia Buttice 002

First, we will take a fascinating journey through some historic examples to uncover surprising truths about this majuscule hand moving from the fifth to the twenty-first century, emerging with a bare-bones early natural uncial that is easy to see—therefore, easy to write. Then we will sharpen the softer hand and emerge with a more formal style. By the end of the day, you will have two styles of this great script to add to your repertory.

The whole point of developing skill in this incredibly graphic alphabet is certainly not to imitate the work of old manuscripts but to design for today. Uncial is arguably the most elastic and graphic style for contemporary work, so Pat will give you a design challenge to get the creative juices flowing. The pen teaches you its song. Listen.

Supply List

  • Basic Calligraphy Supply List plus:
  • Large Speedball pens, C0, C1, and C2
  • Some soft pencils
  • Optional: Soft graphite sticks
  • Sandpaper or sand block
  • Single edge razor blade for quick roughs
  • Any other interesting broad-edge pens, brushes, or steel brushes, reeds, etc. with which you would like to work
  • Some nice paper for a design project
Pat Buttice, a Professor at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY, for the last sixteen years, has taught at workshops and conferences throughout USA, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Publications include a dozen Calligraphers Engagement Calendars, Speedball Textbooks, Florilege (France), Modern Scribes and Lettering Artists II (UK), Artist & Alphabet, 20th Century Calligraphy, Letter Arts in America, 100 New York Calligraphers, and numerous journals like Letter Arts Review and Alphabet, the publication of The Friends of Calligraphy. Her students include Michele Barnes, Pat Blair, Jocelyn Curry, and Melissa Titone.

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