Peter Thornton
Cleveland, TN

A49 — Refinements and Subtleties within Letterforms
One-Day Class, Sunday, July 26
Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate
Design, Lettering

In this brief, one-day class we will look at a method of study to show how to work more effectively to achieve letterforms that carry refinement and a certain warmth that go beyond mere correct with its consistent complacency.

Working with capital letters or italic we will focus on:

  • How to critique your own work
  • Subtleties and variations within the confines of unity
  • Techniques of pressure and release
  • Attention to the materials
  • What makes good letters great

While there will be no real finished product, students will see noticeable and positive differences to their current lettering.

Supply List

  • All your usual pencils (plus 1 colored pencil) and pens
  • Layout and any better quality paper you may have (its under your bed waiting for you to get better)
  • Black and/or wanlut ink
peter_throntonPeter Thornton has been a full time professional and enthusiastic calligrapher for over 40 years, working in a studio in England producing scrolls and books of remembrances for 14 years. He has taught widely across England and Europe as well as in Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, Canada, and here in the U.S. for the last 35 years. He still teaches weekend and longer classes across the U.S., where he now happily lives, and now teaches privately in his home studio, specializing in gilding, letterforms, and layout and design.

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