The Scribe Store

Imagine a wonderful store full of calligraphic goodies: posters, cards, clothing, jewelry, original art, and more. This is the conference Scribe Store: A week-long consignment shop filled with delights for letter lover created by participants and faculty (and others). You can buy great gifts for your friends and family and, oh yes: yourself!

Sell your calligraphic creations at The Passionate Pen and hear the cheers from your peers

It’s as easy as:
1. Download the Scribe Store Documents and follow all instructions carefully.
2. Note the following dates in your calendar:
By May 15, 2015 — Email the Scribe Store Application to Kris Nevius and Dean Robino at
By July 1, 2015 — Complete an advance copy of the Scribe Store Application
3. Complete the Scribe Store Inventory form and email it to Kris Nevius and Dean Robino at
From July 13 to July 21, 2015* — Merchandise must be received
• Prepare and label your inventory.
• Prepare identity cards.
• Pack and ship inventory and with your completed forms (Inventory Form, Consigner Terms and Conditions enclosed in the Scribe Store Documents, see link above) to arrive at the Conference storage facility from July 13 – 21, 2015.

Please note: You do not have to be a participant in the conference to submit products to the Store.

We ask all The Passionate Pen participants to refrain from selling outside the Scribe Store venue so as to be fair to Scribe Store consignors.

Store Hours

The Store will be open from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm daily.

This page will be updated with photos of consignment items in the next few weeks. Check back periodically to see what great things await you when you arrive on campus.