The faculty members listed below offer individual 30 minute consultations for a fee of $30 per session. You may choose to meet with up to three instructors. The instructor(s) will discuss your work with you—please bring a selection of your artwork to review.

Your specific appointment time(s) will be in your registration packet when you arrive on campus. You must sign up for tutorials at the same time you choose your classes, so they can be scheduled before the conference begins.

Georgia Angelopoulos
Gemma Black
Alan Blackman
Pat Blair
Joe Boissy
Brenda Broadbent
Denis Brown
Karen Charatan
Barbara Close
Nancy Culmone
Monica Dengo
Judy Detrick
Jane Dill
Kristen Doty
Connie Furgason
Mike Gold
Jen Grove
Yves Leterme
Sara Loesch-Frank
Roann Mathias
Joan Merrell
Suzanne Moore
Barry Morentz
Izzy Pludwinski
Massimo Polello
Marcy Robinson
Marina Soria
Jacqueline Sullivan
Carla Tenret
Loredana Zega
Sharon Zeugin