Reminder: Deadline for Picking up Scribe Store Merchandise

This is a friendly reminder that Scribe Store consigners must pick up their remaining merchandise Friday, July 31st between 11:30 and 16:00. Please contact Kris Nevius and Dean Robino, co-chairs, at if you have any questions.

Roann Mathias Artwork at the Scribe Store

Roann Mathias artwork will be at the Scribe Store.

These pieces were inspired by Roann’s recent graduate degree in fine art.  She spent a lot of time exploring various media, including acrylics and different kinds of paper.  At first she was very conservative in her use of color, but as the program progressed, she found the freedom to return to her usual vibrant color palette.  Some of the more textured pieces were a direct result of her final thesis project, in which she used different acrylic media to create transparent letterforms.

The sizes range from 8″ x 10″ to 11″ x 14″.

Check them out!

Sherrie Lovler and Kris Nevius at the Scribe Store

Artwork by Sherrie Lovler and Kris Nevius will be for sale at the Scribe Store.

Art and Poetry by Sherrie Lovler

Sherrie Lovler’s cards will be available at the Scribe Store. All her cards are 5 x 7” and are blank inside. On the back of each is the poem that inspired the art.
She will also be selling 8.5″ x 11” and 13″ x 19” limited edition giclée prints of her art.

Woven Cards by Kris Nevius

Kris’s greeting cards are cut and woven double sided paper backed by waxed Lami Li paper, giving them a translucent background. Cutting and folding the cards is a meditation for her. They measure 5 ½” x 5 ½”.

Jane and Brenda Broadbent and Victoria Lee at the Scribe Store

Mugs, pins and pens by Jane and Brenda Broadbent

Brenda Broadbent and her daughter Jane will be selling their wares at the Scribe Store.

Hand thrown mugs and ink bowls by Jane Broadbent, artist/potter daughter of Brenda Broadbent. Each piece will come with a vintage pen nib from Mom’s stash. Jane’s handmade paper in a selection of colors will also be available.

Whimsical jewels from Brenda Broadbent will be offered…Heart Pins with Vintage Nibs and Miniature Glass Pens from Murano, Italy (yes, they write!) transformed into wearable art pins!

And, photo cards with calligraphic messages.

Check them out!
Collage Greeting Cards by Victoria Lee / GIngkoleafdesign

Vicki’s greeting cards are 7″ x 5-1/4″ and made from leaves, bits of collage papers, using rubber stamps, sewing machine, paper punch and/or glue.

Suzie Beringer Earrings at the Scribe Store

Suzie Beringer developed these ‘Calligraphic Beads‘ for a class she taught at Letters of Joy.  There will be many different styles at the Scribe Store.  She believes that everything looks better with letters on them…..

Kristina Komendant Marbled Papers at the Scribe Store

Marbled papers, ‘pocket’ books and book brooches by Kristina Komendant will be for sale at the Scribe Store.

  1. Hand-marbled papers ( watercolour ). Full sheets 18″ X 24 ” and 1/2 size sheets ( 9″ X 12 ” ). Monochromatic and Multi-coloured patterned papers for
    calligraphy and other book and art projects.
  2. Pocket’  Books – Hand-marbled papers with leather spines, blank pages. Used for notes, writing verses etc. Sizes: 3 1/2 ” X 4 “, 4 ” X 5 ” and 4 ” X 5 1/2 “.
  3. Book Brooches – 1″ X 1″ and smaller with clasp finding at the back. Used as a brooch or decoration on hats and also works as a clasp for shawls and sweaters.

Kristina will be at the Scribe Store on Wednesday, July 29th, if you should have questions about her products.

Suzanne Moore and Suzie Beringer at the Scribe Store

Suzanne Moore Prints

Lettering artist, printmaker and painter Suzanne Moore will be selling her prints at the Scribe Store.

These are all limited edition pigmented, handmade prints. The prints have either original lettering, gold and palladium leaf and embossing or two of those techniques. They are part of a series of explorations of the letter A.

Suzie Beringer Calligraphic Beads

Suzie Beringer developed these ‘Calligraphic Beads‘ for a class she taught at Letters of Joy.  There will be many different styles at the scribe store.  She believes that everything looks better with letters on them…..

Amity Parks and Larry Thomas at the Scribe Store

Handmade and hand lettered ceramic pots made by Amity Parks

These ceramic pots are one of a kind, individually lettered by Amity. They are glazed with a clear gloss finish and can be used in the studio, kitchen or just as a decoration.

They are approximately 2-3 inches wide and each is made out of white earthenware clay, hand lettered and then fired in a kiln to create the finished surface.


Vajrasattva mantra engravings by Larry Thomas


Title: “Vajrasattva” or “The 100 Syllable Mantra” from the Tibetan Book of the Dead (individual lines and the complete mantra)
Medium: Copper Plate Engravings w/ Graphite, Beeswax, and Stains (Original Prints – Each Unique). Printed on Xuan Paper and Tipped onto Archival Paper and Mounting Board
Date: 2012- 2015
Size: 9″ to 14″ (H) X 40″ (L) sizes variable


Loredana Zega Artwork at the Scribe Store

The Scribe Store is proud to be selling artwork by the calligrapher, teacher and performance artist Loredana Zega. A list of the items we will be selling is shown below.

Handmade paper lamps, 3” x 8”

Handmade paper lamps, 3” x 8” , price: $70 (10 original pieces)

These beautiful calligraphy lamps are designed to bring soft light and tenderness to your home. Each lamp consists of a wooden base and hand made paper. They represent the connection between nature and the spiritual – calligraphy world… They come in different colours and scripts.

  Plexiglass Art Lamp

Plexiglass art lamp, 4” x 4“ x 12”, price: $230

These special calligraphy lamps bring so […]

Ingrid Slezak and Sally Penley at the Scribe Store

Ingrid Slezak and Sally Penley will be selling their artwork at the Scribe Store.

Ingrid Slezak’s blank handmade journals are sewn on cords and open flat for easy drawing and writing using a technique learned from Tim Ely. Some are made with good bond paper and others with Strathmore 400 drawing paper. After sewing the signatures, the edges are cut with a guillotine and the the covers are added. The cover papers are watercolor, paste papers and marbled papers that I have made over the years and are drummed onto book board. Sizes vary – from small to 8″ x 11″. The majority are 5″ x 9″.

Sally Penley’s “Background Blitz” instruction booklet is from Sally’s popular “Background Blitz” workshop. This booklet is packed with 10+ techniques for painting papers or creating backgrounds for calligraphy.  The booklet is small in size, but large in content—with step-by-step instructions and supply lists for each technique, tips and visual examples.  Also included in the booklet are some basic design and composition rules for creating finished work.

Check them out!