For anyone who has not already completed their travel information for the conference, Please, we need your flight information immediately to ensure that you can catch the Sonoma Airport Express Shuttle closest to your incoming flight, and that we know to pick you up when you reach Sonoma County (DoubleTree hotel).

To do this, log into the Passionate Pen web site and click on Registration.
Once in the Registration page, click on the Travel icon.
Check the box “I will arrive in the San Francisco Bay Area by air.”
Fill in arrival information and departure information in the drop down box that appears.
Be sure to mark the box for Incoming Shuttle Service and or Outgoing Shuttle Service if you need that.
Click on submit and pay for the Outgoing Shuttle Service, if requested, on the Conference checkout page.

The Airport Express shuttles  run every hour from San Francisco Airport and every 2 hours from Oakland airport up to Sonoma County.
Their schedule of pick up times at the airports are listed on their website.
It may take 30 to 45 minutes to retrieve your baggage once you have landed.

We will have greeters at the airport baggage  areas to help guide you […]