Denis Brown
Dublin, Ireland

B06 — Dangerous Lines: Calligraphy with Attitude
Four-Day Class, Monday, July 27 – Friday, July 31

Write it like you mean it! This class will focus on developing expression in italic calligraphy by adding the dynamics of speed and pressure. Simply accelerating just as you take the nib from the paper at the end of a stroke can add a liveliness to formal and/or informal writing. Beyond techniques such as this, we will explore a range of fast manipulated pen strokes that I have developed in free writing. Don’t expect to master them all in just a few days, but take them home and practice them over a longer period of time. By engaging with risk, calligraphy becomes akin to sportsmanship and adrenaline replaces preciousness.

You will experience thrilling demonstrations that may change your view of calligraphy. Over a longer period of practice I hope you will find aspects from this class filtering into your own writing and helping it to be more lively.

Supply List

  • Square edged dip-pens, and particularly Brause 4 mm & 5 mm nibs plus a suitable round-barrel penholder (not the Brause holder which has a flat side)
  • Ink: whatever brand you prefer and/or the instructors preference which is the gouache listed below
  • A tube of Winsor & Newton gouache in ivory black (not jet black)
  • A few other gouache colors (optional)
  • 16″ ruler
  • Pencil
  • Pad of practice paper, size 11″ x 17″ or larger
  • Several sheets of better quality paper, such as Arches text wove or Rives BFK
  • Palette: the kind with several wells for mixing gouache/watercolors
  • Brushes for mixing and loading: A couple of round hog-bristle paintbrushes, size 4. A cheap brand is adequate, e.g. Pro Arte Series C studio hog, size 4, round

Additional info about this class:

— Video sample: Dangerous Lines video
— Another video sample: Dangerous Lines video (This link takes you right to the point where Denis introduces “Dangerous Lines” from the sample movie for his Calligraphy.TV DVD program)
— Read an entertaining independent review of the Dangerous Lines workshop review, (with cartoon!)

denis_brownDenis Brown is an internationally renown calligraphic artist. He has over 25 years experience of teaching calligraphy workshops worldwide including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, U.S., and Canada. He has served as faculty at the majority of previous conferences since 1994.

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